We recently teamed up with our friends at AMOEBA MUSIC (the world's best record store) during a recent run of their merch to show you how we do things here at Family Industries! Get a peek behind the scenes at Family Industries to see the steps in the t-shirt production process from start to finish! 

Buy the custom Amoeba "Pink Logo" shirt featured in the video HERE

Custom Google Tote Bags

Every once in a while, we get a special order that requires thinking outside of the printed box. We thought it'd be nice to show a behind the scenes of how we tackled an outside the printed box order for GOOGLE.

The custom order came via the fine folks over at EVERYBODY (they create amazing custom garments and apparel). Their team needed a high quality screen printer who was able to accomplish a detailed list of print requirements which included; oversized all-over print, a custom Pantone matched accompanied by a four color Google logo, and a one color hidden tagline inside printed inside the bag.

Below, we will take you through the steps of how we printed the custom oversized bags from start to finish! 


Step #1: Mix Inks


Step #2: sample the product


Step #3: oversize production


step #4: set-up the automatic






step #7: quality control


step #8: Cut and sew

Screen Printed Posters


poster printing dept.

A behind the scenes look at the FAMILY INDUSTRIES poster printing department

We love screen printing posters. The poster printing process has a lot of similarities to printing apparel, but it takes a steadier hand, more attention to detail, and experience to the get final product just right! We always get a ton of questions about how the poster printing process works and why it's different than printing apparel. Our in-house team consists of two master printers, Joe and Able. Combined they have over 40 years of printing experience. 

Our poster printing department tends to work with artists who need fine art print runs, and bands who need highly detailed gig posters. This past week, we worked with Mollie Tuggle, an experienced designer and artist who designed an amazing gig poster for the legend, Roky Erickson.  

Below we take you through our in-house process of printing a poster from start to finish!


Step 1. check artwork, print films, and mix inks

We first check out the final artwork that is approved & received. It should have layers showing the different colors that will be printed on the blank stock paper.  Next, we print films that are used to burn the images into the screens. Screens for poster printing are much larger than used for apparel prints so we can print super-sized designs! Our crew matches the waterbased inks by eye, and we do several swatch tests to ensure a great match.


2. Start printing

Screens are burned, inks are mixed, and we're ready to roll. The decision of which layers to print first is determined by the design. Making sure parts of the artwork called "traps" are in proper placement helps us in working out the best order of colors. Our printing press has a vacuum that keeps the paper in-place during all these changes. If there are multiple layers, we pause after each is completed to let the ink dry before moving to the next one! 


3. next round of color

Posters are printed in layers.  Each color needs to properly dry before the next color of ink is applied to the paper. Posters are definitely a "craft" process and need careful planning in order to achieve the best possible look. 


4. prepare for delivery

After all the printing is wrapped, we let the custom printed posters air dry. Waterbased ink doesn't need to go through a heated dryer, but rather air dries as the moisture dissipates from the stock. After that, it's time to get the prints into a box for pickup or shipping!

New York Comic Con



Cosplay, Costumes, & Custom Printing!

It's always a blast to LIVE PRINT custom apparel and swag at any Comic Con across the world (San Diego, New York, LA, Mexico City) because the attendees and fans are so fun to work with!

We had the pleasure to print 6000 custom SYFY shirts for the cosplay wearing folk of the New York City Comic Con at the Javits Center in early October. We were located on the mezzanine level of the "Crystal Palace" and were directly in front of the main entrance to the convention floor.  Guests lined up from dusk until dawn to grab a free t-shirt with the newly rebranded SyFy logo! 

ToyotaFest -Live Printing

Toyota Fest-10.jpg

ToyotaFest - 9.30.17

20 Staff, 16 Screen Printing Stations, 5000 Shirts, 4 hours.

To help celebrate the opening of their new Plano, TX headquarters, Toyota invited over 5000 of their most esteemed guests (friends, family, and staff) to their private music festival, ToyotaFest.  The festival included a full set from surprise musical guest Maroon 5, carnival rides & games for the kids, and the largest LIVE SCREEN PRINTING set-up the world has ever witnessed!

Equipped with our print team of 20 staff, 16 screen printing presses, and 5000 shirts; our team was easily able to accommodate the large crowd in only 4 hours! Our scalable live printing set-up allows for our team to handle any event, anywhere, any time. 

What can we say!? It was a blast being apart of such a fun event.