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Meet A Family Member - Joe Herbick

Each month we bring you inside our warehouse to introduce you to a member of our Family.


Joe Herbick

Head of Print Making

When it comes to having a passion for your work, there are few as dedicated to their craft as Joe. Screen printing has been a part of Joe’s life since he first started screen printing at twelve years old. Most kids that age change passions as often as they change shoe sizes, but for Joe and screen printing, it was love at first sight. Those years of practice have given way to an artist who’s work is beyond compare. His eye for color, mood, texture, and tone is truly awe-inspiring. We often find ourselves staring at Joe while he prints thinking, “if we stand here long enough, maybe some of that talent will rub off on us.” Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case, but that won’t stop us from staring… Sorry Joe.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Joe Herbick

What do you do at Family Industries?

I run the flatstock department. We print just about anything that’s flat, but mostly art prints and posters. I’ve worked on anything from fine art to concert posters, and everything in between.

What piece of clothing that you own could you not live without?

Pants. I always wear pants.

At the moment, what are your top three songs?

1. “Neat Neat Neat” - The Damned

2. “The Passenger” - Iggy Pop

3. “So Sorry” - Clarke and the Himselfs




This is the last print I completed of my own work. It’s a 6 color screen print with a split fountain on French paper. Size: 24”x36”.

7E71F674-27EC-4625-84F8-57E7A97FBF2E - Joseph Herbick.jpeg

This is an album cover/art project I worked on for desert/stoner rock legend Brant Bjork. This was for the 20 year anniversary reissue/remix of his first solo record, “Jalamanta”. We basically spent a weekend in the high desert near Joshua Tree reimagining the original album art from 20 years ago.

I actually made the skull while working at a bronze foundry back in Baltimore. The top of the skull is cast in dyed alabaster, and the bottom section is cast in solid bronze.

I’ve loved this record since the day I bought it two decades ago, and I am truly honored to have been part of this project.



Joe isn’t one for gifs, so here’s a super cool gif we found instead…


Meet A Family Member - Adam Calvary

Each month we bring you inside our warehouse to introduce you to a member of our Family.


Adam Calvary

Director of Family Industries Live

Client Relations

Don’t let the smoke clouds in the photo above scare you, Adam is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Beneath that leather jacket is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and kindest individuals on planet earth. Adam’s work ethic can best be summed up in one gif:


Seriously, the man does not stop! We’re still not sure if he actually sleeps, or if he’s figured out a way to survive without it. Whatever his secret is, we love him for it. It’s his endless tenacity and willingness to experiment that’s helped our Live department grow in such an exciting direction. For Adam, there’s no challenge too big. When he wants something, he goes for it, and nine times out of ten he totally nails it.

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the man behind the live event magic, Adam Calvary

What do you do at Family Industries?

I’m in the Event Director for Family. If you’re interested in an activation for your event, I’m your go to guy. My job can consist of anything from helping create ideas for activations that pair well with certain locations, themes, or demographics to bringing those ideas to life, and anything in between.

I spend most my day in email land, dialing in budgets or on the phone talking with clients and suppliers to help piece together a vision for an event and make sure it all lines up. When I have time, I love being able to seek out new and exciting things to add to our repertoire of Live Activations.

What piece of clothing that you own could you not live without?

Honestly, I think the world would be better off without clothing all together. Though working in the garment industry, I do see how stupid that is to say.

That being said, I love my hats and converse shoes!!!! Can’t pick one, cause it would be hard to survive without both.



When he isn't working all through the night, Adam sometimes writes charmingly sad poems and turns them into lo-fi, poorly recorded songs.

CHECK OUT HIS WORK (with headphones):




Meet A Family Member - John August Roberts

Each month we bring you inside our warehouse to introduce you to a member of our Family.


John August Roberts

In-House & Live Embroidery

Screen Printing

With as much traveling as John does on behalf of our live team, it’s a miracle he’s physically up for coming into the warehouse. This would be quite a feat for most people, but for John it almost seems second nature. As soon as he steps foot into the warehouse, he is laser focused. While that sounds super cliché, it wouldn’t if you saw him in action. He’s kind of like a superhero. Whether it’s intentional or not, he’s even got a costume! Can’t knock it though, cause when he places those headphones on top of his signature beanie he makes magic happen.

Hustle like John’s is hard to come by, and we are insanely lucky to call him a Family Member.

Introducing, John August Roberts…

What do you do at Family Industries?

That’s a complicated question… I pretty much do whatever Family needs, but my main focus is on embroidery and screen printing. Outside of the shop I do a lot for the live team. It’s rare that I spend a full week JUST in the shop, as we’re constantly doing events. The live stuff is great though cause I love to travel, and the experiences at some of these events are pretty awesome.

What piece of clothing that you own could you not live without?

My beanie, no question.



Like many of us, John has passions that extend beyond the office walls. One of those passions is poster printing.

John started poster printing at Pasadena City College, and wanted to make a series of poster prints comprised of people he knows and places he’s been. The majority of his pieces are four color process prints or posterization.

The print below is a 12"X12" posterization portrait he made back in 2017, and it as it happens: it’s his favorite.