Meet A Family Member - Adam Calvary

Each month we bring you inside our warehouse to introduce you to a member of our Family.


Adam Calvary

Director of Family Industries Live

Client Relations

Don’t let the smoke clouds in the photo above scare you, Adam is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. Beneath that leather jacket is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and kindest individuals on planet earth. Adam’s work ethic can best be summed up in one gif:


Seriously, the man does not stop! We’re still not sure if he actually sleeps, or if he’s figured out a way to survive without it. Whatever his secret is, we love him for it. It’s his endless tenacity and willingness to experiment that’s helped our Live department grow in such an exciting direction. For Adam, there’s no challenge too big. When he wants something, he goes for it, and nine times out of ten he totally nails it.

We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the man behind the live event magic, Adam Calvary

What do you do at Family Industries?

I’m in the Event Director for Family. If you’re interested in an activation for your event, I’m your go to guy. My job can consist of anything from helping create ideas for activations that pair well with certain locations, themes, or demographics to bringing those ideas to life, and anything in between.

I spend most my day in email land, dialing in budgets or on the phone talking with clients and suppliers to help piece together a vision for an event and make sure it all lines up. When I have time, I love being able to seek out new and exciting things to add to our repertoire of Live Activations.

What piece of clothing that you own could you not live without?

Honestly, I think the world would be better off without clothing all together. Though working in the garment industry, I do see how stupid that is to say.

That being said, I love my hats and converse shoes!!!! Can’t pick one, cause it would be hard to survive without both.



When he isn't working all through the night, Adam sometimes writes charmingly sad poems and turns them into lo-fi, poorly recorded songs.

CHECK OUT HIS WORK (with headphones):




Meet A Family Member - John August Roberts

Each month we bring you inside our warehouse to introduce you to a member of our Family.


John August Roberts

In-House & Live Embroidery

Screen Printing

With as much traveling as John does on behalf of our live team, it’s a miracle he’s physically up for coming into the warehouse. This would be quite a feat for most people, but for John it almost seems second nature. As soon as he steps foot into the warehouse, he is laser focused. While that sounds super cliché, it wouldn’t if you saw him in action. He’s kind of like a superhero. Whether it’s intentional or not, he’s even got a costume! Can’t knock it though, cause when he places those headphones on top of his signature beanie he makes magic happen.

Hustle like John’s is hard to come by, and we are insanely lucky to call him a Family Member.

Introducing, John August Roberts…

What do you do at Family Industries?

That’s a complicated question… I pretty much do whatever Family needs, but my main focus is on embroidery and screen printing. Outside of the shop I do a lot for the live team. It’s rare that I spend a full week JUST in the shop, as we’re constantly doing events. The live stuff is great though cause I love to travel, and the experiences at some of these events are pretty awesome.

What piece of clothing that you own could you not live without?

My beanie, no question.



Like many of us, John has passions that extend beyond the office walls. One of those passions is poster printing.

John started poster printing at Pasadena City College, and wanted to make a series of poster prints comprised of people he knows and places he’s been. The majority of his pieces are four color process prints or posterization.

The print below is a 12"X12" posterization portrait he made back in 2017, and it as it happens: it’s his favorite.





Meet A Family Member - Kerin Amit

Each month we bring you inside our warehouse to introduce you to a member of our Family.


Kerin Amit

Fulfillment Department Manager / Master of Direct to Garment

Though it is far from finished, we’ve been working out of Camp Family (our new facility in Frogtown, LA) for quite some time now. Simultaneously managing the workflow of two separate locations would be a much more difficult and stressful situation if it weren’t for one person: Kerin Amit. Over here at the Chinatown warehouse we’re fortunate enough to work alongside our fellow Family members, with someone always there to help pick up the slack. Meanwhile, at Camp Family, Kerin has had to handle the bulk of everything on her own. Most people would lose their minds, but somehow she manages to stay above it all. She’s the very definition of hard worker, and her ability to handle everything with poise and a level head is what makes her an invaluable member of the Family. The Fulfillment Department is a non-stop, ever-changing machine; yet somehow Kerin makes managing it look easy. Add to that the fact that she’s our go-to Direct to Garment printer, and you begin to wonder: is Kerin half human, half machine? Simply put, without Kerin we would be lost. Very few people could do what she does on a daily basis and manage to keep their head on straight. There is never a moment of nuttiness (of which there are plenty) that Kerin let’s get to her. She’s Camp Family’s knight in shining armor, and there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t make us feel lucky as hell for getting to call her a member of our Family.

Without further ado, we’re excited to finally introduce you to THE Kerin Amit.

What do you do at Family Industries?

To put it simply, I manage the Fulfillment department and run the Direct to Garment printers. I also do live events. I can pretty much do anything. DTG, embroidery, screen print, sublimation, vinyl, heat transfer.

Breaking it down, my main job is to work with clients in managing and maintaining their online store. We offer on demand printing for fulfillment, so when orders come in, I’ll either print them or if there is printed stock I’ll pull from inventory. And then I ship everything out. We can get anywhere between 40-100 orders overnight, so it’s always busy.

What piece of clothing that you own could you not live without?

High waisted pants.


At the moment, what are your top three songs?

1. “Lost On You” - LP

2. “Little Bit” - Terror Jr.

3. “Needy” - Ariana Grande


On top of steering the ship known as Camp Family, Kerin is also an incredible artist. If you attended Record Store Day 2019 at Amoeba Records, you might have snagged a shirt with Kerin’s design on it. That’s right, she’s the amazing artist behind this year’s Amoeba Tape design!



trash - Kerin Amit.gif


As you may or may not know, we have been in the process of building our brand new facility in Frogtown, LA. We’re calling it Camp Family. There’s still quite a lot to do, but we’re too excited to keep all the updates to ourselves.

A couple weeks ago we got to witness the cement being poured onto the ground floor, and while the ground breaking had happened months prior, the cement made it all feel much more real. Then, as if that wasn’t cool enough for us, 10 days ago we got to watch the first walls go up. We know that all of this sounds way less exciting than it actually was, but watching your dream come to life in physical form is a pretty crazy thing.

Anyway, enough of the emotional blabber. Here are some pictures of the progress we’re making at Camp Family. Stay tuned for more.

Meet A Family Member - Phil McDonald

Each month we bring you inside our warehouse to introduce you to a member of our Family.



Customer Service Manager

It’s quite fitting that Phil is the first face you see when you walk into Family Industries. From his unique ability to make everyone around him feel comfortable, to the always present smile on his face; Phil is the physical embodiment of what we represent as a company. Whether your a customer who’s been with Family for ten years or ten minutes, he makes you feel like there’s no one else in the world more important than YOU. Despite the occasional crap we give him for being such a sweet-hearted softy, this place wouldn’t be the same without him.

We’re really excited to introduce you to the man who’s stolen all of our hearts, and might just steal yours: Phil McDonald.

What do you do at Family Industries?

I work with our customers one on one to help them get their projects off the ground. From their initial idea, all the way to the physical, tangible product; I am there to make sure it gets where it needs to be, and gets there on time. I work hand-in-hand with people to help them brainstorm ideas, and make sure they get exactly what they came in looking for. If necessary, as some customers don’t always have a solid idea of exactly what they want, I’ll bring in our in-house art department to help with artwork and design. From there, it’s off to the presses… well, not THAT quickly. Because our day-to-day workload is often quite substantial, I am always keeping track of our production schedule, as to avoid any potential delays. I’m also in constant contact with the customer throughout the art and design phase to make sure they’re seeing their vision come to life. My goal is for the customer to have a seamless experience with us, and for everything to come together like magic!

What piece of clothing that you own could you not live without?

Does my Casio F-91W count? Cause if so, DEFINITELY that.



Outside of working at Family Industries, Phil’s in a band! They’re named Punch Punch Kick, and you can check their music out here:

Official Music Video for "Licking My Wounds" by Punch Punch Kick From the debut album available now on Lolipop Records.



Zenyatta_highlight_heroic - Phil McDonald.gif

Bella+Canvas x Family Industries

This past February we invited Bella+Canvas over to the shop to shoot a how-to video on screen printing and heat pressing vinyl designs on fitness leggings.

Our Production Manager, Mike hit the manual screen press while Phil, our in-house jack-of-all-trades, hopped on the heat press. Getting the opportunity to work on a video with Bella+Canvas was an incredible experience, and it’s always fun for us to help others learn a little more about our craft.


Behind the Scenes photos